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Fabric Guide

"One of the the biggest reasons I started LEAU was because I noticed I was constantly gravitating towards and rewearing pieces in my wardrobe that were made with high quality fabrics." - Gia, founder of LEAU

At LEAU, we develop all of our fabrics at textile mills and often spend over 6 months crafting each variation of fabric. That means our fabrics used are exclusive to LEAU. You can shop confident knowing you won't find these fabrics anywhere else.

Vegan Leather
Soft, stretchy and body-contouring, we spend months perfecting the perfect vegan leather, cruelty free leather that looks and feels like the real thing (almost!). Our proprietary fabric has a soft sheen with a bit of stretch so it not only hugs your curves but feel comfortable in it as well. 

Shop our Vegan Leather collection now.

Non-stretch Satin
High quality is our DNA -- that's why we created a non-stretch, premium quality satin material that feels like silk on the body. True silk is considered not vegan and we are proud to have created a fabric that is also cruelty free. Our satin 

Power Mesh
There's just something about mesh... Our sleek mesh styles use double layered custom power mesh is designed to sculpt and shape the body's natural curves with providing slight stretch and a touch of sheerness.