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About LEAU

shop leau clothing behind the brand with founder gia mezz @shopleau @giamezz


leau clothing behind the brand with founder gia mezz @shopleau @giamezz


While working in fast fashion during the rise of social media for over 6 years, our founder Gia grew tired of seeing an industry cycle through trends at a rapid rate producing low quality clothing and excess amounts of waste.

“Buy less, wear more.”

Noticing a gap in the industry for clothing with a “slow fashion” mentality - LEAU was born in June 2020.  The mission is to create something much more than clothing, but an overall platform to promote individuality, expression and disrupt outdated fashion ideology.

Our goal is to continue our sustainability efforts in creating long lasting pieces that challenge fast-fashion, overconsumption and waste. In a fast-moving culture, we always prioritize quality over quantity that way we can ensure our designs will last and become true staples in your wardrobe. 

We are “for the Modern Woman"